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Our Services
Our Services
Our Services

Congressional Lobbying

Our federal team served in senior federal funding and policy positions in the U.S. House and Senate, including a former senior Member of Congress. These experiences and our extensive work in the private sector have honed our expertise in congressional budget and policy matters to the benefit of our clients. Our strategies include developing our client’s priorities, mirroring those with opportunities in Congress, and developing a comprehensive strategy to accomplish our objectives. Aggressive advocacy with congressional offices and important congressional committees are a cornerstone of our work, which includes developing advocacy documents, drafting legislation, providing talking points, developing media communications and outreach with local and national stakeholders, and organizing advocacy trips to the nation’s capital. In times when clients cannot make it to Washington, DC; GTH provides these direct advocacy services on their behalf. As part of GTH’s representation clients also receive timely updates and reports.

Executive Agency Lobbying

Federal government programs provide nearly one trillion dollars a year in funding to private and public entities, promulgate far reaching federal regulations, and launch critical initiatives that impact every person and business. GTH has a long and successful history of navigating the federal bureaucracy to assist our clients. Employing close relationships with relevant federal decision-makers and a comprehensive knowledge of federal programs is what drives these world-class government relations services. We successfully advocate on behalf of clients for significant federal grants, executive orders, federal regulations, and agency initiatives. This involves direct client interaction with these decision-makers, which GTH identifies, sets the meetings, and provides the talking points for these officials. GTH is extremely prepared for any federal agency advocacy need.

Grant Services

The federal government awards billions in federal grants every year in a wide variety of areas and GTH has a long history of developing successful grant strategies for clients. We help identify federal grants in areas of need for a client, aggregate intel that will help in securing an award, strategize how best to write the client’s application, then we aggressively seek support for these grants from impacted Members of Congress and other stakeholders. This winning strategy has been highly effective with clients being awarded extremely competitive grants in a variety of areas, including transportation, environmental protection, broadband expansion, water delivery, disaster resiliency, and economic development. Some of those awards have been in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Coalition Building

Effective coalition building and the formal expression of that support are often necessary to achieve a successful federal advocacy outcome. With the existing scope and size of the federal government this is often necessary to stand out amongst the many requests to Congress and Executive Agencies. GTH is effective at helping clients develop the coalitions needed to show relevant federal decision-makers that a particular client outcome assists or impacts multiple people or several groups. We also help identify stakeholders that these decision-makers most want to help. Once these people or groups are identified we help the client convince them to join the coalition, and we assist in any formal expression of that support of our efforts, whether it is for a funding request or for a particular policy outcome.