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About Us
About Us
About Us

Since 1997 Gordon Thomas Honeywell Government Relations (GTH) has provided comprehensive federal advocacy with Congress and our federal agencies to a diverse set of clients. GTH has produced an unparalleled record of accomplishments and a reputation as a world-class government relations firm in the nation’s capital. Our policy expertise and strong relationships throughout Congress, its vital congressional committees, and across our federal agencies, positions GTH as unrivaled in leading our clients’ interests throughout the federal government.

GTH is driven to advance our clients’ federal government relations priorities with a strategic, information-driven, and solutions-oriented approach that delivers exceptional results. At all levels and at all times GTH only focuses on advocacy strategies that produce a positive return on investment (ROI) for our clients.

Our Federal Government Relations Team have a variety of direct federal funding and policy experiences and continue to expand on a comprehensive range of subject area expertise. With these experiences, knowledge, and relationships with the federal government, our firm is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive and aggressive strategy for solving any clients’ objectives.

Experienced, Known Professionals

With four full-time senior federal government relations advocates, 25 additional government relations professionals, several public and private sector clients and over twenty-five years of experience working in and with the federal government; GTH is unparalleled at providing our clients with federal government professionals capable of handling any issue.

Comprehensive Federal Advocacy

Over twenty-five years of providing world-class government relations services in the nation’s capital, GTH has tackled every issue, both for private and public sector clients. We deploy our experiences and relationships to deliver our clients with a strategic, information-driven, and solutions-oriented approach to their federal agenda, working across Congress and federal agencies to align the most impactful and complete advocacy.

Return on Investment

GTH’s representation at the federal level is fundamentally focused on a return-on-investment (ROI) model, whether it is funding a project, passage of legislation, moving Administration action, or impacting federal regulation. GTH always focuses on the ROI, so the client knows they are spending their resources wisely and receiving a positive result.